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Garden Design Services

Initial design consultation

As experts when it comes to garden design in North London, Hertfordshire and Essex, our designer will come to your home to discuss your garden and your lifestyle, and how they interact. This is a chance to consider ideas, to look at pictures that may have caught your imagination and to gain an understanding of the scope of the project. We will also talk to you about your available budget and give you some early guidance on maximising its effect. By using this opportunity, we can make sure that you get the garden that you want.

Site survey

We will come to your house to take pictures and measure up. We will collect all the information that we need to create your design, not just the boundaries and fences but other major factors such as the positions of windows and doors and the less obvious, but important points, like drainage covers and sill heights. We also take note of the surrounding area and the impact that it may have on your garden. For instance, screening out any views that you may want to hide while making the most of the views that you will wish to keep.

Design plan

This plan will incorporate all the details necessary to build your garden from lighting design to the selection of materials and areas to be planted. We will specify major trees and other items such as position of water features. This plan will be accompanied by a Scope of Works and Specification Document to give the contractor all the information they need for a successful build.

Planting plan

The planting makes a garden, whether you’re looking for modern garden design with a minimal look or a traditional garden with lots of roses . A planting plan can be for just one bed or border or a whole garden. It will ensure interest all year round, not only visually but also through scent and touch. A planting plan will naturally include details for bulbs to maximise the colour of your garden. A planting plan can also save you money because all plants will be selected to suit your conditions and to look good next to their plant neighbours. No more traipsing around garden centres across Hertfordshire and Essex and ending up with the wrong plant for the wrong place.

Managing the costs

As part of the design process, we will send the outline design to a contractor to get it costed before we spend valuable time on the detailed drawings. In this way you can be confident by the end of the design process that you will know what your new garden will look like, and importantly, approximately how much it’s going to cost.

After care advice

We can provide a tailor made plant maintenance guide detailing not only your new plants but any existing plants that we have re-used to make the upkeep of your garden as simple as possible for you.